Over the Top: Painting on a Grand Scale
Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, 6 Depot Place, Scarsdale.

All of the work in this exhibition of large-scale paintings is good, and there are three extraordinary offerings. The first, ”Untitled” (1999), is by Ross Bleckner. It features his familiar obsession with rich, painterly surface quality and stellar technique, while his subjects allude to human biology. Mr. Bleckner has a knack for the visceral and the ethereal, and this work is no exception.

”Studio Window” (1988), by the poet and painter Peter Nadin, mingles the lyrical cubism of Juan Gris with the odd, flashy Neo Cubist tendencies of David Hockney.

Christina Bothwell’s work is also exceptional. At first, her diminutive sculptures may go unnoticed: ”Glass Baby” (2002), a cast glass object in the form of a newborn, is about half life-size. But resting on a pedestal atop a bright white cloth, the sculpture both absorbs and reflects light, giving it an appearance of weightlessness. Both poignant and precious, it is equal in effectiveness to any of the much larger paintings featured. It is this show’s most memorable work.

Contacts for Christina Bothwell's work:

Austin Art Projects, 44-651 Village Ct, Suite 142, Palm Desert, 92260 CA

Heller Gallery, 303 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Publication available for purchase, $20 - Invisible Realities

Habatat Gallery, 4400 Fernlee Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073
Publication available for purchase, $20- Spirit into Matter


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